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Genetic Enterprises selects numerous dairy bulls from around the world to meet the requirements and conditions of New Zealand dairy farmers. We pick the best bulls available from Genetics Australia, Intermizoo & Inseme (Italy), Cogent (UK), OHG (Germany), ST. - Sexing Technologies (USA) and Jura-Betail (France). These countries combined give us in excess of 1000 world class bulls to pick from.

In addition, the company has its own proven bulls in New Zealand, which are contracted from farmer breeders. The company also arrange private collections for general sale, including on farm use, or at a shared licensed premises for export.

To satisfy demand the company import and export semen and embryos to special order, and have successful clients as far afield as Australia, Argentina, Venezuela, Canada, Chile, Denmark, South Africa, Uruguay, Equador, USA, Britain, Ireland, Vanuatu, Norfolk Island & Fiji.

Genetic Enterprises has a strong individual client base relationship that is essential if supply companies, inseminators, dairymen, veterinarians and farmers are to work together. Without these local partnerships, planned herd improvement programmes cannot be maintained and long term herd performance suffers.

NEWS FOR AUGUST 2016  Update on Cogent UK bulls:(Click on the links for latest proof)

WILTOR CRUISE: His evaluation as expected is very similar to his genomic proof. He was always sold as a moderate stature high fertility sire when he only had genomic information and this is exactly what his daughter proof says. The milking daughters are exceptional commercial heifers. They have a will to milk combined with outstanding daughter fertility and negative stature.http://www.cogentinternational.co.uk/bulls/proven-holstein/detail.php?id=625

WINTERSELL MILO: One of Cogent’s main stay proven bulls recently Milo shows no sign of disappointment continuing to improve with each proof run! Milo offers negative stature but positive chest width and now has 100 daughters in his type proof offering 90% reliability and 96% reliability with his production proof. http://www.cogentuk.com/bulls/proven-holstein/detail.php?id=402

COGENT TWIST:  #1 Sire over 80% Reliable in Australia,Sitting at 293 BPI with 367 Daughters in 55 Herds 88% Rel. A proof day is not complete without talking about stud legend, global superstar and the ultimate farmers favourite; Cogent Twist – the EX96 scored bull continues to be impressing around the globe. Twist now has 5211 daughters in his UK production proof and 1700 daughters in his type proof. As the number one BPI sire over 80% reliable you can use this bull with confidence.http://www.cogentuk.com/bulls/proven-holstein/detail.php?id=78


COGENT BILL: Balisto x Epic x Goldwyn - Bill is one of the most popular sires since the last evaluation. Cogent Bill is a real stud favourite – a jet black bull with impressive figures who ranks well on a number of indexes within Europe In addition to having a GTPI of +2433 Bill is also sits high on Australian indexes with 235 BPI and 234 TWI. Bill also offers a very attractive calving ease figure of 5.9. Early Bill calves have been born with pleasing comments on the quality of the calves.http://www.cogentuk.com/bulls/excelgen/detail.php?id=1560

COGENT SUPERSHOT: Supersire x Superstition x Shottle - The August 2016 proof run has seen a wave of Supershot sons dominate the global sire rankings. Despite his age in the fast paced genetic world, Supershot more than continues to be a very impressive sire. With daughters expected to start calving in the spring of 2017, Supershot offers +2634 GTPI and is our number 1 Net Merit sire at $842. He is still one of our leading production sires with over 2000lbs milk at +2142lbs. Supershot also excels for health traits +6.8 PL, +2.3 DPR and superb Feed Efficiency at 180 and 2.1 for the new Liveability index. http://www.cogentuk.com/bulls/excelgen/detail.php?id=1391

UPDATE ON ITALIAN BULLS - AUGUST EVALUATION RUN:  Click on the links below for the latest information 

115882 Royal Jeeve SCOLARI: Improved his GPFT, now at  2,918 http://www.semenzooitaly.it/en/sires/holstein/proven/royal-jeevscolari-et-tv-tl-ty/it020990514352

113888 Heavenly GOLDEN DREAMS: +2.97 Type, 4.33 Udders & 4.25 F & L. http://www.semenzooitaly.it/en/sires/holstein/proven/heavly-golden-dreams-tl-tv-ty/uk182661300246

113781 Go-Farm Royal EUDON: +4.11 udder, 3.25 Type http://www.semenzooitaly.it/en/sires/holstein/proven/go-farm-royal-eudon-tv-tl-ty/it019990815781

116759 Campogallo ZAMAGNI ET http://www.semenzooitaly.it/en/sires/holstein/proven/campogallo-zamagni-tv-tl-ty-et/it024990274239

111789 O-Man END STORY:   http://www.semenzooitaly.it/en/sires/holstein/proven/o-man-end-story-tl-tv-ty-gm/fr004952815479

112745 Sabbiona GOLD FARM EThttp://www.semenzooitaly.it/en/sires/holstein/proven/sabbiona-goldfarm-et-tv-tl/it098990131771

Check out more on Italian bulls at http://www.semenzooitaly.it/

OHG UPDATE:(Germany)

114868 BOSS - ET: This Bookem son ranks amongst the top ten in Germany. He has a RZG of 143, Udders 114, Dairy 109, with 170 dtrs in 107 herds and 90% reliable. There are straws available now at GE. check him and other bulls out on the link below.


We are the New Zealand agents for;

Genetics Australia (Australia)
Intermizoo (Italy)
Inseme (Italy)
Cogent (UK)
OHG ( Germany)
Sexing Technologies (USA)
New Generation (USA)
Jura Betail (France)


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Genetic Enterprises is a totally New Zealand owned company based in Cambridge. It markets semen from leading bulls in the leading countries of the world.  Many bulls we market are ranked No. 1 in their country of origin and most bulls are certainly in the Top 10

of their country of origin. High protein production , good structural soundness and good farmer traits are our main criteria in selecting bulls whose progeny will display much longevity and therefore good profit for New Zealand Dairy Farmers.

Company Structure

Allen Donald – Owner & Managing Director of Genetic Enterprises based in Cambridge. Allen has an extensive knowledge of the Breeding & AI Industry in both Dairy and Beef. Allen has a passion for cow families, and would welcome any queries you have relating to

Dairy or beef bulls.

Andy McKay – General Manager. Andy joined GE in early 2015 and offers the Company a solid knowledge of the farming Industry along with senior Management skills & sales background in the building trade Industry. Andy has visited with Cogent UK and took the

opportunity to go on several farms looking specifically at progeny of bulls that do work in the NZ environment.   

Gary Falkner – Sales Manager, North Island. Gary has an extensive background in the farming & AI Industry working with other Companies in various roles including as a TOP inspector before joining GE in 2014. Gary passion lays with Jerseys and is open to

discussion on all breeds and can do herd walks in the North Island as required.

Gerald Emming – Sales Manager, Canterbury/Westcoast. Gerald joined GE in 2015 and brings with him a farming background of 16 years in NZ and has a passion for bloodlines and sound animals. Gerald has a good eye for stock and if you are interested he can

do herd visits as required.

Steve Brooking – Sales Manager, Southland/Otago. Steve joined GE in 2015 and has 20 experience with the dairy industry in both NZ and UK behind him. Steve has worked on farms in the BOP, Waikato, Manawatu and Southland areas so has a great

understanding of the NZ farming systems and is now based in Southland.

Philip Wilson - Sales Consultant Dairy lower North Island & Beef specialist consultant  NZ. Philip has a great deal of knowledge and experience in both the Dairy and Beef  industries and we are really excited to have him on board with us. 

Selwyn Donald – Product Manager Ayrshires & Holstein Friesians. Selwyn has extensive knowledge of the farming Industry in NZ and as the principal of Arran Stud breeding Ayrshires, Jerseys, Holstein Friesians and Milking Shorthorns and with his judging

around the world gives us a good sourcing of International genetics.

Sales Reps – Contact one of our sales reps below for enquiries and help with placing an order.

Hugh Davidson – Oamaru M: 0272 266 568

Lucy & John Van Vliet – Balfour M: 0276 987 633

Philip Wilson - Feilding M: 0274 498 025

Peter Matthews – Masterton P: 06 377 3853

Selwyn Donald – Featherston P: 06 308 9942

Ian McCormick – Stratford M: 0274 705 405

Robert Cleland – Whakatane M: 0211 709 159

Doug Lambert – Rotorua M: 0272 744861 

WEB SITES - For further bull information, visit the following web sites:

Intermizoo – Italy - www.intermizoo.it

Inseme - Italy - www.inseme.it

Cogent UK – www.cogentuk.com

TAG – USA – www.transamericagenetics.com/en

Genetics Australia – www.genaust.com.au

Genetic Enterprises – www.geneticenterprises.co.nz


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