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Hereford Horned

$60 Haven Wizard (H) (Imp UK)
Sire:    Longville Raja

Dam:  Haven Oyster Girl 81st

Supreme Champion Horned Hereford
$50 Waiau General 715
Sire:    AGA 13G General 114L

Dam:  Waiau Minerva 050096


Miniature Hereford

  $8 Cottle Tonto U2 ET
Sire:    Poe Brandon 1

Dam:  LS MS Silver MT D931

Great Dairy Beef sire - Horned
  $25 Deepwater Red R009
Sire:    LS Mt Nugget 49 J311

Dam:  LS Miss MT Pebble 2D K315

Miniature Horned
  $25 Deepwater Roy 015
Sire:    LS Mt Nugget 49 J311

Dam:  LS Miss MT Nugget 59 K370

Minuiature - Horned
  $25 Tui Oaks Brandon Oak (NZ)
Sire:    Poe Brandon 1 (imp Can) (ET)

Dam:  LS Miss MT Pebble 7 (imp Can)

Brandon Oak is also available at $12 for Dairy Beef

Polled Hereford

  $50 Barmac Leopard (imp Aus)
Sire:    Sevenbardot Indigo B248

Dam:  Snudown Colleen F195

Top Australian show winner. Sold for A$21,000.
  $50 Bellco Bowen R074 (P) (imp Aus)
Sire:    Bowen Negotiator N224 (P)

Dam:  Bellco Keepsake M54

  $40 Braxton Giant 4
Sire:    Braxton Giant (BM)

Dam:  Braxton Irane 51

  $45 Braxton Thunder U24
Sire:    Braxton Thunderbolt M113

Dam:  Braxton Girlie J118

  $40 Camden View Wild Card 2Z (Imp Aust)
Sire:    Haroldsons Raider P183 ET 2Z (Imp Can)

Dam:  WTK 75A Golden Glo 28C

$50 EFBeef U208 Fortune Y848
Sire:    EFBeef Foremost U208

Dam:  EFbeef 9802 Stella S657

$60 Harvie Ladies Man 4L (P) (imp Can)
Sire:    Harvie Hills 68H

Dam:  Harvie Miss Julie 9J

Siring outstanding progeny Internationally.
  $50 Heatherdale Bonanza Z48 (imp Aus)
Sire:    Heatherdale Opium X100

Dam:  Heatherdale Colleen W183

1st calves are deep, thick with good colour.
$50 Heatherdale Opium U78 (imp Aust)
Sire:    MSU Optimum Z03 (imp USA)

Dam:  Neilpo Maritana 29

  $50 Injemira Redford J084 (P)
Sire:    Redgate Redford D935 (P)

Dam:  Injemira Happy Day G019 ET (P)

Good Calving Ease, Weight Gain & Muscling
$20 limited straws JSF 23 Nibbs 60G (P) (imp Can)
Sire:    JSF 37 271 Devo 23C

Dam:  JSF 128 JJ Michelle 24B

Massive athletic bull with a great set of feet.
$50 Kinglee 1 Hero (P)
Sire:    Dorepoll 1 93N Nationwide (P)

Dam:  Costhorpe 1 Sadie 149 (P)

Expect calves to be easily born with good growth.
$75 MCCoy 25M Renaissance 53W (Imp Can)
Sire:    GHR Millionaire 10E 25M

Dam:  MCCoy 47n Connie 72R {DLF IEF HYF}

  $45 Monymusk Discovery L34 (NZ)
Sire:    Braxton Explorer 76H

Dam:  Braxton Moonbeam 273G

High milk, Excellent growth rate. Top bull.
$50 Moorside 1 Joseph
Sire:    K-Cow Nacho Man Et 36N

Dam:  Barwise 1 Calpernica

  $25 Okawa Tyson (BM)
Sire:    Braxton Westwind M120

Dam:  Owaka Bell J682

$50 Remital Alliance 503W
Sire:    Remitall Super Duty 425 P

Dam:  Remitall Sally 465P

Stand Out Canadian Feature Sire
$50 Star Tohon 25M (imp Can)
Sire:    Star SS Thunder LT 62J

Dam:  JR K58 Queen D12

Top 1% for WW, YW, and SC.
$50 Wirruna Daffy D1 (HYF)
Sire:    Mount Difficult Fellis Y12 (AI)

Dam:  Mount Difficult Last Day A205

Standout Young Sire Australian Genepool
$60 Wirruna Justin J13

Dam:  Wirruna Doreen G393

One of the highest ranked 2013 born bull for Grass-fed $Index
  $50 Wirruna Lake L55
Sire:    Wirruna Hernando H47

Dam:  Wirruna Cora J463


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