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Moocall Calving Sensor

Moocall is a tail mounted calving sensor that enables a calving cow to send you an SMS Text Alert approximately I hour before she calves.It can work anywhere in the world with GSM signal. Quick Attachment which is adjustable to any tail size, LED status indicator, No additional hardware, rechargable battery, Texts up to two phones,  Emails up to three email addresses & suits all cattle breeds.

One sensor will cover up to 30 head of cattle in a Autumn and Spring calving, up to 70 head of cattle all year round and up to 15 head in a block calving. The sensors are activated through an online form or over the phone direct with Moocall and all support is done directly with clients via Moocall.

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These are available now through Genetic Enterprises for $429.00 + GST each. NB: There will be an annual service fee of $199 + GST per device which is payable direct to Moocall for the service and connection.