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After our recent purchase by Australia’s leading dairy breeding organisation Genetics Australia, Genetic Enterprises now has the opportunity to give New Zealand dairy farmers continued access to a large range of leading Australian dairy sires as well as a select group of genetics sourced from the northern hemisphere.

Genetics Australia has been working for over 60 years to develop a grazing dairy cow that produces well from pasture but can also respond when challenged with additional feed and they have incorporated the best genetics from around the world in their breeding program following the Australian Breeding Values (ABVs). The end result is an infusion of the best international sires combined with leading Australian cow families to produce bulls which breed efficient, fertile, profitable milk producers, predominately from a grazing diet which combine to create a positive contribution to the national dairy herd in New Zealand.

Genetic Enterprises looks forward to helping you achieve your breeding goals with our ‘World Class Genetics’.

Featured Merchandise...

Estrotect Heat Detectors

Estrotect Heat Detectors are an economic, easy-to-use and highly effective heat detection aid. Estrotect is one of the best ways to tell when a cow is on heat. Estrotects are available in 5 different colours at Genetic Enterprises.

Dairymac Superthaw™

The latest dual voltage semen thaw flask with digital temperature display and variable temperature controls suitable for both conventional and sexed semen thawing. Available at Genetic Enterprises.


HerdInsights is a multi-metric, cloud-based ‘Smart Collar’ for dairy cows which improves the efficiency of farm breeding programs and reduces health care costs through early illness detection. Available now at Genetic Enterprises.


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“HerdInsights completely changes the way of joining cows. I have been able to do away with herd bulls, my 6 week submission rate has greatly improved. It’s also picked up on sick cows well before anyone noticed. Very pleased, game changer” Alistair Gibson, 320 monitors - Nanneella VIC Australia
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Want White Dairy Beef bulls to mark the calves?

Find out more from the team at Genetic Enterprises
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DairyMac SuperThaw available at GE

Now available at Genetic Enterprises
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